It’s always tempting to taste for the first time an unnokwn food. Isn’t that right that the attraction of new is accompanied by unspoken hope to discover unfelt pleasure? The cocoa beans aroused the curiosity in that antient time when they were brought for the first time from the New World by the spanish.

Over 600 years ago the Mayan tribes from Yatukatan (todays Mexico) knew and cultivated the cocoa tree.

The navigator Christopher Columbus set sail in 1492 August 3. from the andalusian port Pinta. He arrived in uncharted waters and finally set foot on one of the islands of Bahamas. The great navigator wrote in his journal: “A great indigenous ship with 25 rowers came in our welcome. Their leader who stood under a roof offered us cloth, nice copper objects and some beans that they used as exchange money and from which they prepared a drink. ” That’s how the meeting between the cacao beans and the West happened.

1527 is the year when the cocoa beans reached Europe as a gift for the king of Spain Carol Quint, but he considered it a bizarre plant and nothing more. The conquistadors hid the recipe and sent to Spain only the final product. It was only in 1580 when the first Spanish chocolate fabric was established and the cocoa beans were spread across 17th century Europe.
In the 19th century two major transformations occurred in the history of chocolate. In 1847 an English company created the technological process for the solidification of chocolate and after two years the Swedish Daniel Peter thought about adding a new ingredient: milk.


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